Info on HRH Joseph Joseph Faisal Nusairat

A Brief History

I was born in a quaint little town called Columbus Ohio on August 24, 1975. It was a great day made greater by the birth of me Joseph. Well then many years of my life passed while I lived in Upper Arlington till age 7 and then moved to Reynoldsburg where I graduated from.

Right now my father lives in Saudi Arabia and my mother lives in Columbus. My mother is a British Subject and my father is from Jordan.
Now I am a Senior at Ohio University. I am majoring in Microbiology and Computer Science. (Yes I know its a strange combination but I like it). I am one of the Off-Campus Housing Represenatives on Student Senate and also President of the Palestine Student Union. Well you can go on to find out more or go back. Or if you really want you can take a look at my family