My real name is Chris Steiner, but I rarely answer to that in public. The picture above is from Christmas of '96. I'm the one in the denim jacket. To the left is my wife, Sandy, and to the right is my brother, Dave, and his wife, Rhonda. And that is most likely the last time any of them will be mentioned on these pages. If you wish to see a more recent version of me, click the picture.

Most of my friends know me as Lazar Wolfe, a nickname I acquired over time that has nothing to do with Gypsies or 'Fiddler on the Roof'. I use Lazar as my primary furry persona, if you're interested in such things. If not, just accept that if you call out 'Lazar' in a crowded place, you're about seven times more likely to get my attention than if you call out 'Chris' :)

I assume you've come to this page because you want to know about me, rather than my skills, projects, or creations. And so, I should give you fair warning: I'm about as strange as you can get and still remain more sane than the average middle class person. For example, I believe in magic in about the same way you believe in paper. I also study humans, so I'm more accepting of unusual lifestyles than just about anyone I've met. I have met people stranger than myself, but have yet to meet one who is mentally stable. If you think you fit both categories, by all means, email me :)

There's no real easy way for me to explain myself. Failing that, I can point you to a few of the more important events in my life. Such events are usually unhappy ones, at least on some level. If I find a good one, I will add it. Beau was a dog I owned for many years. We grew very close, and I felt compelled to create a eulogy page for him when he died.

And lastly, I enjoy the gift giving tradition. If you want me to send you something, exchanges of wishlists is useful. I generally respond in kind when given a gift, but sometimes I'll just give a gift just because :)

Now where do you want to go?

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