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David M. Chelberg, PhD
Office: Stocker 322B
Phone: 740-593-1251

I am an Associate Professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Ohio University, and the Director of Studies for the Honors Tutorial Program in Computer Science.



If you are a CS major, you may want to check my advising FAQ's.

My research interests include:


I have founded the Geometric Modeling and Perceptual Processing Lab. I am also a co-founder of the VITAL Lab (Virtual Immersive Technologies and Arts for Learning).

lab logo image

The image above is a small stereo image of a lab logo generated by Jean Hsu. It may be seen in stereo by placing a piece of cardboard between the two images so that your left eye sees the left image and your right eye only sees the right image. Alternatively, just hold up your hand between your eyes, to ensure each eye sees the proper image.

Students working in the GMPP lab on projects related to computer vision and artificial Intelligence:

Yuancui Huang (MS)
Heather Biggs (MS)
Carlo Chang (MS)
David Parrott (MS)
Thomas Ruch (MS)
Zengjin Wang (MS)

Students working on the STEAM Project on educational gaming, distributed physics, and innovative human computer interfaces:

Scott Nykl (PhD)
Chad Mourning (PhD)
Erik Nykl (MS)
Shailesh Kushwaha (MS)
Graduates have included:
Mark Tomko (MS) Min Zhou (MS) Xin Wang (MS)
Limin Ma (PhD) Zhenyu Zhan (PhD) Jean Hsu (PhD)
June Ho Yi (PhD) Andoo Yang (PhD) Peter Henstock (PhD)
Moses Chan (PhD) Zhou Qiang (PhD) Arvind Lakshmikumar (MS)
Matt Gillen (MS) Scott Nykl (MS, now pursuing a PhD) Chad Mourning (MS, now pursuing a PhD)
Mitch Leitch (MS)


Fall 2013-2014 Courses:

CS 4250 Interactive Computer Graphics
Time: MWF 11:50am-12:45pm
Location:ARC 159Picture
  of the ARC building
CS 6250 Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics
Time: MWF 4:10pm-5:05pm
Location:ARC 146Picture
  of the ARC building


Spring 2013-2014 Courses:

CS 3610 Data Structures and Algorithms
Time: TTh 9:00am-10:20am
Location:ARC 314Picture
  of the ARC building
CS 6800 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence
Times: TTh 12:00pm-1:20pm
Location:ARC 159 Picture of the ARC building



Directions to get from Columbus to the School of EECS or the OU Inn.
Maps to get from Columbus to Athens (104K).or a smaller black and white version of the map: Columbus to Athens(41K).

Interactive map of the campus.

Highlighted map with route from US33/50 to Stocker Center. Close up view of Stocker Center with parking indicated.

Mailing Address:

Ohio University
Russ College of Engineering and Technology
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Stocker Center 322B
Athens, Ohio 45701-2979
Tel: (740) 593-1251
Fax: (740) 593-0007


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